Wisse Trooster (1988) – Creative Agency & Studio

To look, analyze, make connections, see surprising possibilities and convert them into a strong concept, product or service. After his Industrial Design degree at Eindhoven University of Technology Wisse Trooster started his own design studio. Now he climbs trees in a castle garden in Brescia for a fairytale light installation, presented his products in a museum and Gallery Rossana Orlandi in Milan, and he led a rebranding of a young design label.

Besides designing interior products such as Recovery furniture, made from the residual material of a door manufacturer, and clocks with used sanding discs from Design Academy in Eindhoven, designer Wisse Trooster collects almost everything that has to do with Dutch Design on his Instagram account @wisse_design.

If you want to say Hi, send an email to wisse@qoowl.com